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Yes, you have to create a free account in order to access any of the free services NN.Com offers such as your banner and and linked web page. All the services on are free except advertising banner ads. Without an account you have no access to your banner ad, activity statistics, etc. .

Q: How can I get more Hits on my banner ads and URLs?

A: Take advantage of all the free features and high visibility pages. For instance,

We have an extensive listing of “In The Spot Light” categories. Send us an informative write up of your business or activity and we will put you “In The Spot Light”. Additionally, once your article has been run, it goes into the on-line archive where it remains available to viewers.

You have access via your account to the WebWizard and can design and add your own pages to go behind your banner ad.

You can add your activities and events to the Events Calendar and link your calendar event to your URL.

There are many other pages in the portal that you can add information about your business or activity such as:

Under MyNorthernNeck / Maps check out as a page and place to add your info.

On the Home page, In the bottom right hand corner, check out “Places to Visit” to add your web site info.

On the Home page, in the bottom middle column, check out “Local Searches” to add your web site info.

The short answer is, that there is almost unlimited opportunity for YOU to add your own information to the Northern Neck dot Com portal at any time, day or night, that is convenient to you, your marketing manager or webmaster.

The great thing about the NNCom portal is that it is easy to use, always available, limited only by your imagination and resources.

Q: How can I make better use of my banner ad?

A: Review the statistical information available at to understand who is visiting the portal, how they got there, what they are looking for, and what key words and phase best respond to search engine queries. Use the information to better design your banners and URL web pages to attract the visitors to your business.

To create a photo gallery and post pictures on the Photo Gallery feature you need a NorthernNeck.Com account and permission to create photo galleries.

If you have an account, but don't have access to the photo gallery feature, you can request access by sending an email request to the NorthernNeck.Com Administrator.

Once you have the photo gallery listed in your LogIn Menu, you are ready to create your own photo gallery. Here is a Photo Gallery User's Guide to assist you in making your photo gallery.

Go to the home page and click on “MyNorthern Neck” tab in the upper left corner; then pick “Create Account” from the drop down menu. Be sure to select all the free option you want enabled with your account and also mark the appropriate "Terms and Conditions" box. Select "Verify My Information" to request the account. You should receive your account registration information within 24 hours. If not, please call 804-435-6909.
We track the number of impressions (times the ad appears) and the number of clicks. You can log into your free NN.Com account and view the statistics for your site at any time. Additionally, you can link your banner ad to a coupon or other customer incentive to be printed and brought to your business.

To post an ad to the Classified Ads, you need a NorthernNeck.Com account and permission to post classified ads.

If you have an account, but don't have access to the classified ads, you can request access by sending an email request to the NorthernNeck.Com Administrator.

Once you have the classified ads listed in your LogIn Menu, you are ready to post ads. Here is a Classified Ads User's Guide to assist you in making your ad entry.

To post Events to the Events Calendar, you need a NorthernNeck.Com account and permission to post to the Events Calendar.

If you have an account, but don't have access to the calendar, you can request access by sending an email request to the NorthernNeck.Com Administrator.

Once you have the calendar listed in your LogIn Menu, you are ready to post events. Here is a Events Calender User's Guide to assist you in making your Event Calendar entry.

We have developed a User's Guide for the Real Estate Classified Ad Editor.

The User Guide is available HERE

You can login to your free account and update/change the banner ad at anytime day or night with the easiest to use Web Builder on the Net.
There are usually two reasons that you are unable to use the CHAT anymore. Either you have mistyped your username or password, or you have been banned. While we enjoy offering our FREE Chat for our user's, we do protect users who do not wish to participate in a Chat forum with foul language. If you use foul language we log your IP address, ban you from the Chat and attempt to contact your ISP to retrieve your information by finding which of their users were logged on to that IP address at the time we banned you.

When you registered for your FREE account, you agreed to our Terms and Conditions. One of our conditions was that you adhere to our strict Family-Friendly policies. We are not a Porn or Dating website. If we find that users are misusing our website for any purpose other that what it was intended for we will do everything in our power to find those users and prosecute to the farthest extent of the law for spoiling our website and thus threatening the business activities that could/should take place on the website.

For more information on our Terms and Conditions, please click here.
You have made a wise's email has Antivirus AND Antispam, all FREE for all of our users.

To check your Email via the web, just click the Email Link next to the Search Box at the top of any page on our website. Enter your username and password. If you check the Remember Password box, each time you return to and click that link, you will be directed straight to your Inbox.

To check your email using an email client, such as Outlook or Eudora follow the instructions below:

1. For Outlook or Outlook Express, Open the program (Netscape Mail is similar)
2. Select 'Tools' from the toolbar
3. Select 'Accounts'
4. Select 'Add' and 'Mail" or "Internet Mail"
5. Type in the 'Display Name' such as 'INFO', click 'Next'
6. Type in the Email Address such as ', click 'Next'
7. For the Incoming Mail Server type ''
8. For the Outgoing Server, also type '', unless you are using 'MSN, ATT, Mindspring, *', Click 'Next'
9. Type your account name such as ‘’
10. Type your password such as 'password', to change this password, email me the new password and it will be changed, click 'Next'
11. Choose your connection type, Click 'Next'
12. Click 'Finish'
13. Once completed, click 'Tools', 'Accounts' and choose the account you just created
14. Click 'Properties' to the right
15. Click the 'Servers' Tab at the top
16. At the very bottom of this screen you will see a checkbox 'My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication'
17. Check this box and click 'Settings' to the right
18. Ensure that 'Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server' is checked
19. Click 'Apply' or 'OK'
20. You will now be able to send and receive email from this account
Good question! After registering, you will receive an email with your password. This password allows you to login to your account after your account has been approved. Approval generally happens very quickly, but we must review all users prior to approval. You will not be able to access any services until your account has been approved.

After approval you will receive another email letting you know your account has been approved. Once approved you will be able to access all services you requested. Log in to your account by clicking the profile link at the top. Enter your username and password. We recommend you change your password to something you will remember easily. If you ever forget your password, click the Email It To Me at the login page.

After logging on you will see all options for your account, click any option to add, edit or view current choices. For example, to add a new Classified Ad, click the Classified Ad Manager. From there you can add, edit or delete your current listings.
Thank you for joining the First and Only online community for the Northern Neck.

An automatic email was generated and sent to the email address you supplied when you registered. If you have not received this message, please make sure that you add to your bypass for your SPAM lists. If you are unclear on how to perform this, please contact your ISP.

If your ISP uses SPAM folders, log into the ISP's web based email system and check your SPAM folders for the email.

After adding to your Safe Senders list, click the Profile button at the top of the page and choose Email It To Me next to the Forgot Your Password message.
We are very excited to be able to offer FREE websites, both Personal and Commercial. These sites have a limit of 20 pages (plenty for most people) and a space limit of 20MB on the server.

Instructions are available online in a PDF format, to view the instructions, you must have Adobe's Acrobat Reader available at

Click here for the BLOG User's Guide.
No, its an extension of For example: would be a typical web page linked to the advertiser “Roses Garden Products'” banner ad. We can register a domain name for you and point it to your banner ad for $14.95 annual domain name registration fee.
You can create your own subweb page with the free and easiest-to-use Web Builder on the Net; or we can create a subweb page for you for a one time $150 fee. You can then maintain, change, add pages and content to the subweb by logging into your free account by using the Web Builder.
When you buy the exclusive use of a key word, we call that a sub web of the domain. For example the key word "real estate" has been reserved specifically for a group of realtors. When ever someone type "Northern Neck Real Estate" into a search engine (yahoo, google, etc.), this website ( will appear as a first or second page entry in the search engine response. As part of the purchase of a key word, we submit the key word to all major search engines