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McNamaras Wall
7/3/2009 - dmower

Too damn bad. Couldn’t happen to a better man. I don’t normally gloat over the misfortune of others. But in this case, I make a special exception. I hope he roasts in Hell!! In his autobiography he wrote, ''At no time did we believe we could win the war.'' Thanks Robert. Thanks JFK! Thanks LBJ! Thank you all you liberals who promoted the cabal of continued wasting of the greatness of America. It wasn't the United States soldier who sent himself to Viet Nan.  The American soldier, sailor, marine and airman was sent there by the elected United States government.  At the time it was 100% controlled ... Executive office, Congress, and Suspreme Court by the liberal Democrat party under LBJ, John William McCormack, speaker of the House, Mike Mansfield, Majority Leader of the Senate, and Warren Earl Burger , Chief Justice, Supreme Court.  McNamara was their Protégé immoral, unprincipled, gutless rube, but I digress.

Yes, I call it McNamara's Wall, in DC -- the only buried in the ground "memorial" to our military. McNamara, with LBJ and the blessings of the Democratic-managed Congress continued to send America's finest to be crippled, maimed and killed in RVN with no expectation, realization or anticipation of winning. May his spirit rot in Hell & may he eternally see the faces of the young men he willingly and purposefully sent to die. In earlier times this would have been called treason.

But the blood bath didn’t stop there. No siree. The cutting off of funding doomed the RVN government. The fall of Saigon, also was the death knell for Cambodia. Between the two, about 4 million… that’s 4,000,000 million (4with six zeros after it) local nationals were killed.

Thanks, JFK, LBJ and Democratic controlled Congresses. Do I sound a bit bitter? Well, you figure it out. Rot in Hell Robert Strange McNamara.  Good things do happen on the Fourth of July!

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