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Calvary Troop Needs T-Shirts
5/27/2009 - Debi Johnson

So, how was your Memorial Day holiday?  Did you stay home, drink a few cold ones and have some friends over for that neighborhood BBQ? 

Every day should be Memorial Day….here is an opportunity for you to provide a living memorial to our military still in action. 

This request comes from St. Marks Lutheran Church in Springfield, VA who have been very active in providing troops with care packages.

“We have a very special request from a Calvary company.  They would very much like to get the official Army Combat Shirt that wicks and cools the body in hot temperatures. 

This is especially important to them as they are constantly in full body armor.  The Army Combat Shirt is $129 per shirt and has mixed reviews.  The Army Combat T-shirt, however, seems to work nicely and costs $15.00. 

There are 135 men in the company.  This company is constantly on the move and cannot simply “drop by” a base and pick up the shirts. 

If anyone is interested in helping purchase the T-shirts, please immediately contact Debi Johnson by EMAIL.  Debi will order the shirts and with the help of St. Mark’s member, Alicia Smith, we’ll try to at least get the T-shirt type to these deserving soldiers. 

When you email Debi, please let her know the $$ amount you are willing to contribute. 

In the meantime, Debi is working with the Army to try and get the $129 shirt to the company.  We might need to put a plea out to all those who have base privileges to pick up a few T-shirts.  Let Debi know if you would be willing to help.”

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