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1/26/2009 - Mystery Diner

Rose’s Crab House and Raw Bar

652 N Main Street

Kilmarnock, VA

 (804) 436-8439 

January 26, 2009



It was Super Bowl Sunday and as cold as I can remember it in Kilmarnock.  We were leaving the next day, the house was clean and we didn’t want to mess it up cooking, …so we headed out to see if  we could find a restaurant open that wasn’t doing bar food on this “holiday”.  We have been to Rose’s many times and thought we would see if we could get in.  To our surprise it wasn’t crowded,  the game was on and we realized we have never reviewed it.  So, friends, here it is. 

The staff as was warm and friendly as usual and the atmosphere upbeat.  We were seated in the bar area where we could see not only one TV, but two.  They had the sound volume just right so if we didn’t care to watch it wasn’t overwhelming.  They brought us bread, water, and menus immediately.

My husband was in the mood for a “cold beer” in keeping with the festivities.  I chose a glass of Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. We ordered Conch Fritters from the appetizer menu and set back to enjoy the restaurant and our drinks.  The fritters were the best we have had anywhere.  There was much more conch than  “fritter”.  They were fresh, piping hot and delicious.   Next came the job of deciding on our entrées.  I went straight to the seafood choices and ordered stuffed Flounder.  My husband was in the mood for football food and chose a half-rack of ribs.  Both came with two sides.  Our eyes being bigger than our stomachs, we also ordered a cucumber salad.  I chose the vegetable medley and rice pilaf while my husband had red skinned potatoes and cold slaw.  The cucumber was the one minus to the whole experience.  It was just OK.  However, when the meal came, the salad was quickly forgotten.  Our food was prepared to perfection!  Both of us could not stop commenting on how good it was.  I ate until I was more than full and still had enough to take home to make another meal.  The fish was not overcooked and the crab stuffing was …well mostly crab and piled high.   The rib meat fell off the bone and the sauce was as good as it gets.  We both enjoyed our meal to its fullest.  Our waitress continued to be attentive but not overbearing. 

 There doesn’t seem to be much staff turnoverat at Rose’s, so we see the same people every time we go. That tells us it must be a happy place to work.

Rose’s has three dining rooms. One in the front for fine dining, one in the bar for a more a casual bar-like atmosphere, and one behind the bar primarily used for special functions.  Depending on your mood, they are all cozy and inviting.    Overall we were glad we chose to dine at Rose’s and will be going back for many years to come.  I highly recommend you give them a try. 

Bon Appetite!

Our rating, out of a possible 10, is:  8    (in the casual dining category)

Our ratings are based on the entire dining experience – ambience, service, and food

Cost:  $$  (possible $$$$)

To view the restaurants menu, click HERE

Note to our readers:

Restaurant reviews represent the views of the reviewers only.  We base our reviews on the whole dining experience including ambience (décor, seating comfort and layout, overall feel), service (wait staff appearance, demeanor, knowledge of the menu – including wine list, knowledge about preparation techniques of menu items) and food (taste, presentation, quality, quantity, originality).  Please do not compare ratings across categories.  Ratings represent a comparison to restaurants in the local area within the same category.  While we try to be as objective as possible, by their very nature there is a large subjective component.


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