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Barnes Creek "Crabby" Egg Rolls«Back to View Articles | Back to All Articles
...unlike any other, fun to make with kids!
10/30/2008 - Mystery Diner

1/2 cup white wine

2/3 cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon black pepper, coarse ground

3  carrot, shredded

1  onion, chopped

3 pounds back fin crab meat

1 pounds ground pork

8 ounces water chestnuts, slivered

3  cloves garlic, chopped

2  egg, beaten

4 tablespoons sugar

2 ounces dried wood ears, soak in hot water

1 1/2 oz bean threads, soak in hot water

60  Philippine egg roll wrappers

6  green onions including tops, sliced



Soak wood ears and bean thread in hot water until soft. Drain wood ears and bean threads and combine with all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Separate egg roll wrappers carefully and set aside. Mix about 1 cup of flour with enough water to make a thick paste. Place about 2 1/2 heaping table spoons of filling mixture on each wrapper, roll using flour paste to seal. Deep fry in peanut oil until golden brown. Egg rolls can be partially cooked and frozen. Lean ground pork should be used. Pork can be substituted for the crab   ...any ratio of pork to crab works well.  Use all pork if you prefer.


Serves 60


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition (per serving): 142.5 calories; 8% calories from fat; 1.3g total fat; 37.9mg cholesterol; 361.4mg sodium; 187.9mg potassium; 21.7g carbohydrates; 1.0g fiber; 1.5g sugar; 10.1g protein.


Cooking Tips

You can scale the recipe down if you prefer.  I've found it more convenient to make a large quantity and freeze them.


This is a great "project" to do with kids.  They love to help roll the egg rolls   ...even though they may be a bit "ugly"!  Have fun with them.


Always use thin egg roll wrappers.  You'll have to get them at an Oriental grocery store.  Ask for Philippine wrappers or other thin wrappers.  They will also have the bean thread and wood ears.


To reheat frozen egg rolls, preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake until crispy.




Recipe Source

Author: HGBJr

Source: The Barnes Creek Cookbook



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