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Callao Auction House - Lottsburg
3/7/2007 - David Mower

I can tell spring is near.  I just received an auction bill in the mail from the Callao Auction House in Lottsburg.  Frankly, Grayson Smith’s Saturday morning auctions are some of the best entertainment and frequently rewarding activities in the Northern Neck. 

 At the Callao Auction House - Lottsburg VA At the Callao Auction House - Lottsburg VA  Callao Auction House - Lottsburg VA 

Nearly every Saturday morning beginning at 10:00 AM sharp, a bit of Northern Neck history and heirlooms are put up for bid.  He usually starts outside with “box lots”, and items to rough, big or inappropriate for in door display.  I love the box lots.  Its like playing one of those TV game show where you try to guess what’s behind the door and would you be willing to buy it.  Of course a lot of other folks are playing right along also.  Some raise their hand, some give a nod or wink that only the auctioneer can detect, some try to dive in at the last second.  Fascinating.

People arrive early to inspect the auction lots, to chat with friends they have made in regularly attending these exercises in artful negotiations – the Auctioneer trying to get the best price, the bidders trying to guess how they can get an item cheaply, everyone offering opinions or displaying amazement at the bids and bidders.

 Auctioneer Grayson Smith  Inside Callao Auction House - Lottsburg

Need to furnish the second house, a couple of trips to the auction ought to do it.  Need a gift for that birthday, anniversary, or special event, look for hidden gems or unique items among the boxes and shelves in the auction house.  Need tools or guns or riding lawn mower but don’t want to pay retail price, then come to the auction.  Just want to have a great time?  Then I will see you at the Callao Auction House or at some estate in the Northern Neck were Grayson Smith, former VA State Champion Auctioneer, is passing a bit of history from one generation to the next.

The next opportunity to come to the auction is Saturday, 14 July at 9:30.  Here is a MAP and the auction BILL.  Other auction date and time opportunities are 5 May and 12 May

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