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4/17/2007 - David Mower

I was at the post office the other day.  When I came out to get into my vehicle, an individual had parked exceeding close to the driver’s side so that, slender as I am, I could not gain entry.  I thus waited the return of the driver, who, as the individual approached, assessed that I was waiting for them.  

In a defensive mood, the individual asked if I had a problem.  I pointed out that I was a hostage to their parking proficiency which denied me access to my vehicle.  The individual said they were “forced” to park close because of surrounding vehicles. 

In amazement I surveyed the parking opportunities both east and west of where our two vehicles were parked.  When I arrived, the spot I chose was unencumbered on either side by several spaces.  As we stood there the same situation existed except for this individual’s vehicle.  The individual said that they were “forced” to park there because, in my absence, the entire parking lot had filled up (and emptied) so that this was the only space available. 

I noted the license plate bore the “H” symbol entitling this individual to the always available (in my experience at the post office) opportunity to park next to the building versus across and down the lot with the common folk.  The response was:  “Where is your Christian charity? I parked here so that someone more in need could use that (useless) spot.”

Images of lightening bolts striking the spot I stood instantly flashed through my mind, but then the Holy Spirit (well, it seemed like the Holy Spirit), brought me back to my senses (or did the devil make me do it)?  I pointed out that the Lord had made the United States Government enact laws creating that Handicapped parking spot just for them, but that they had decided to reject the gift of God, and instead, steal the gifts God had given me in terms of time and space.  Was I correct or did the devil make me do it?  You be be the judge.  (Disclaimer:  "Judge not least you be judged."  Is there a Pastor in the house who can help sort all this out??)

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