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5/20/2013 - David Mower

Update on Baby Trevor Appleby:  

On Tuesday, May 14, Baby Trevor passed away while in the hospital.   His lungs kept collapsing and finally Trevor was unable to fight any longer.   Trevor had over 1500 following on his Travels with Trevor Facebook page.   He touched so many people from all over the United States. 

His mom Meredith Ann Appleby and his dad Phillip Appleby spent every waking moment with Trevor that was possible.  His family showed such courage, strength and grace during Trevor’s 6 plus months of life.  

Please continue to remember the family in your thoughts and prayers. His family has asked if anyone cares to give a memorial in Trevor’s memory to please go to the following website.

On the page there is a bumblebee in the donation box. Just click on this box and it will take you to the donation page. Or if you would like to do a check, make it out the Hydranencephaly Foundation and bring it to the Northern Neck Wireless Office at 74B South Main Street, Kilmarnock, VA 804-436-9343. Please put Trevor on the memo line.

Thanks for all the donations to help Trevor’s family with their mounting medical expenses and also for all the prayers.

Trevor will NOT be forgotten.

Trevor Alex Appleby was born on October 31, 2012. He was born with an underdeveloped brain. His condition is known as Hydanencephaly “is a neurologic disorder in which the cerebral hemispheres are lacking although the cerebellum, brainstem, and other central nervous system tissues may be intact. The newborn with hydranencephaly may have normal neurologic functions, but does not develop. Computed tomographic scans indicate an absence of cerebral tissue”.

Trevor could be called a miracle child as he is living day-to-day. He was in the hospital for two months after his birth and only after surgery and

persistence on his parent’s part, was he allowed to come home.  His journey at home has been both rewarding and difficult as there have been several trips back to the ER and the hospital.

Trevor parents are Meredith Holt and fiancé Phillip Appleby.  When Meredith was 27 weeks pregnant, she learned that her baby would probably not live very long, if at all. “At this point he’s still a miracle child because he’s still here,” she said.  Abortion in Virginia was not an option.  Instead Meredith and Phillip chose to carry the baby to full term. They faced the birth of their first child, while anticipating his funeral. “It really changes your point of view,” she said.  Through Trevor, Meredith and Phillip have learned to “cherish the smaller moments,” like when he tries to roll over, even though he is unable to lift his head.

Meredith has started a Facebook page titled “Travels with Trevor”.  Though this page, she give updates on Trevor’s progress.   If you would like updates on Trevor and you are a Facebook member, just go to his page and “Like” the page.  You will then get the updates.   

Meredith Holt was born and raised in the Middlesex area and Phillip was born and raised in Northumberland.   Before Trevor’s birth, Meredith worked for over a year in our Northern Neck Wireless Internet Office in Kilmarnock.   Trevor has captured the hearts of our employees. 

Meredith and Phillip have decided to donate Trevor’s organs. “Just because Trevor can’t live, doesn’t mean he can’t live on in another child,” she said.

The expenses for Phillip and Meredith have mounted.  Because of this a friend has established a fund through BB&T Bank to help pay for the mounting medical bills.  For donation information, visit:

The user name is: HelpingTrevorsFamily

The password is: TAA103112

This link is for credit card users.

Northern Neck Wireless and would like to help too.  If any of you are interested in helping Trevor and would like to bring a check to our office in Kilmarnock, at office at 74B South Main Street.  We will make sure the checks get into the BB&T account.  Also if anyone needs more information, please contact Dave Mower.

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