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The Tides Inn again ranked as one of the Top 20 Hotels & Resorts in the United States for 2004
Northern Neck Commentary

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Difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day 
11/11/2008 - David Mower

Many people confuse the purposes of Veterans Day and Memorial Day seeing them as duplicate events.   They actually serve two different purposes, to put it bluntly ... Veterans Day  .. [Read more]...

Its Been Forty Years 
8/18/2008 - David Mower

It's been forty years. 17 August 1968. Where you on that date? Of course you don't remember. But I do. Standing at the Altar at Grace Lutheran Church in McClusky, North Dakota. -- McClusky, not unlike Kilmarnock 40 years ago...... [Read more]...

It Was An all-American Small Town Evening 
7/9/2008 - David Mower

It was an all-American small town evening on the green grass commons of Irvington in Virginia’s Northern Neck where the United States Air Force Heritage of America Concert Band came for an annual tune-up preceding its Independence Day celebration per.. [Read more]...

Winnie the Pooh 
2/1/2008 - David Mower

I’m a suspicious character.  Yep, it’s true.  Just ask Kilmarnock’s finest; and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office also.  They were both patrolling the neighborhood looking for me. .. [Read more]...

Fifteen Years 
9/8/2007 - David Mower

It’s been fifteen years today.   Seems like yesterday.   Seems like a lifetime.   Our son, Michael died on this date in 1992.   He was 21.   It was no one’s fault.   Mike had an undetected heart ondition that caused a he.. [Read more]...

You Be the Judge 
4/17/2007 - David Mower

I was at the post office the other day.   When I came out to get into my vehicle, an individual had parked exceeding close to the driver’s side so that, slender as I am, I could not gain entry.  .. [Read more]...

The Northern Necks Best Kept Secrets
Callao Auction House - Lottsburg
3/7/2007 - David Mower

I can tell spring is near.   I just received an auction bill in the mail from the Callao Auction House in Lottsburg.   Frankly, Grayson Smith’s Saturday morning auctions are some of the best entertainment and frequently rewarding activities.. [Read more]...

Lawn Deer & Pink Flamingos 
12/28/2006 - David Mower

At this time of the year I like to drive around and look at all the Christmas decorations.  A lot of people have put time and effort into yard decorations and lighting visibly celebrating the anniversary birth of the Christ child.  I muse over.. [Read more]...

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