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Irvington - My Kind of Town 
7/7/2009 - DavidMower

Irvington – My kind of town!  I love it when the first week of July rolls around.  Irvington Virginia is the place to be at that time – The Air Force Heritage of America Band concert on the Green,.. [Read more]...

Care Package Special Request – US Army
Calvary Troop Needs T-Shirts
5/27/2009 - Debi Johnson

So, how was your Memorial Day holiday?  Did you stay home, drink a few cold ones and have some friends over for that neighborhood BBQ?  Every day should be Memorial Day….here is an opportunity for you to provide a living memorial to our militar.. [Read more]...

Roping A Deer
Urban Legend?
2/2/2009 - Anonymous

A relative emailed me this story which I Googled to determine its validity - which is still of unknown origin, but has garnered much discussion on various site linked to at the end of the story. .. [Read more]...

New Year Day Not What It Used to Be 
12/29/2008 - David Mower

New Years Day isn’t what it used to be.  Nope.  While throughout record history there has been a new years day, a day marked by both reflection on the past and festive celebration of the new year, .. [Read more]...

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