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President Trump Holds NATO Summit Press Conference…

President Trump's press conferences are like no other President...takes all questions, gives straight answers, tells it like it is....

President Trump in Great Falls, Montana MAGA Rally ... as you have never heard him

��WATCH: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Great Falls, MT 7/5/18

The Toxic Race-Mongering of the Left

Imagine a world in which leftists, by some magic, were unable to accuse their political opponents of racism. Racism, sexism, all of the various make-believe phobias — these charges were suddenly somehow off-limits during political discussion. Instead, at all the leftist venues — The New York Times, the TV network news departments, CNN and the rest — the commentators had to accept that their political opponents were people of good will with the best interests of the country at heart. They had to ask themselves — and even possibly ask actual conservatives — what it was about border security that seemed important to them, why social spending might be destructive, why Islam might be incompatible with western thought, why teachers' unions were impeding the rise of the poor and so on.

If that magical moment ever occurred, we might start to have an intelligent political debate in this country. But don't hold your breath.  READ or LISTEN TO THE ARTICLE HERE

Maria Bartiromo Interviews President Donald Trump ...

"Maria Bartiromo continues to distance herself from all Sunday talk-show competition with some of the best and most insightful interviews and topics available.  Today Mrs. Bartiromo interviews President Donald Trump.  The substantive content is excellent.

From a position of understanding Trump policy, and expanding/predicting how each policy will carry forward, this really is one of the best interviews to date.  Bartiromo hits on most topics of interest and expands on the topics of greatest consequence.  Anyone who seeks to understand where the administration is going with economics and trade only needs to keep revisiting this one interview – it’s all there."

Watch the Full Interview HERE

[President Trump must be by far one of the most open and available presidents of our time... he and his administration officials are everywhere, every day doing interviews and explaining the Administration's policies at the nuts and bolts level that only a closed mind could or would not comprehend.]

The '#Walkaway Movement'

This gives new meaning to 'jumping the shark'....

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal”.

We’ve been covering the effects of the 2016 election on the left, and we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed just how depraved and debased Democrats and the left have become.

The #WalkAway movement consists of free-thinking liberals who are horrified by what has become of their side, of the Democratic Party, and they are posting videos and social media shares on why they have chosen to #WalkAway.

Quick Trade Talk – President Trump Talks To Charles Benson

President Trump often holds local media Q&A’s when discussing specific local aspects to larger trade and economic initiatives.  In this quick interview with Charles Benson President Trump discusses the Foxconn deal (more on that will follow), and the larger issue surrounding a global trade reset objective.  See Video Below ... "I don't mess around..."


President Trump Host 'MAGA' Rally in Fargo, North Dakota

The point were 'Super Elites' was born... 

President Trump attends a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Fargo, North Dakota.  Co-hosting the rally is Congressman Kevin Cramer, hoping to unseat ND Senator Heidi Heitkamp in the 2018 midterms.

President Trump Hosts Roundtable, MAGAnomic Economy Discussion in Las Vegas

President Trump is hosting a roundtable MAGAnomic meeting in Las Vegas with business leaders and professionals.  The discussion centers around ongoing benefits from the tax reform initiative; the administration policy toward trade rebalancing; and the ongoing America-First investment and business development plans. 


When Do We Get To The Last Straw?

But, one of these days, I swear that big, good-natured fella, the ARMY of conservatives here in America, will have had enough and finally reach his last straw. Then, surely he will turn and fight.

It was when I was a kid in junior high that I came to the end of my patience with bullies. At thirteen, I was an easy-going young man closing in on 6 1/2 feet tall. On the way there, a lot of my smaller (most all of them were) peers discovered that I would take a lot of ribbing and silently absorb it or laugh it off. One particular morning, however, I was on my way to give a special girl a satin heart full of chocolates, and the candy was balanced precariously on the bundle of schoolbooks I had under my arm. As I was walking down the hall toward her classroom, one of my regular irritations - a normal-sized classmate of mine - attempted to entertain some friends by running up and pushing me from behind. My books and the chocolate box went flying to the floor.¬† The heart-shaped box sprang open, and the chocolates rolled in all directions. A fight ensued.  CONTINUE READING THE WHOLE ARTICLE

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Brilliant MAGA Segment During Cabinet Meeting…

Office of Management and Budget Direct Mick Mulvaney had a break-out session during the White House cabinet meeting today where he discussed part of the government restructuring and reform proposals.

We have waited a long time for this type of common sense initiative.  This is MAGA.  Some will say it can’t be done; however, if it is not attempted it most certainly will never be done. As President Trump has shared for years: “the impossible is only the starting point”; and I would not bet against this administration actually getting this accomplished.  WATCH:

Illegal Immigration and Lax Border Controls are The Epicenter of The UniParty ...

Conservative Tree House has tracked this issue so closely through the years it often feels futile for another reminder.  However, with the insufferable political games surfacing, yet again, over the issue of illegal immigrants and children – perhaps it is worth another visit.

Understanding The Big Racket.

Massive illegal immigration is supported by both sides of the professional political machine.  There are few issues more unifying for the K-Street purchased voices of DC politicians than keeping the borders open and the influx of illegal aliens as high as possible.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce pays politicians to keep this system in place.  CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE

President Trump Meets with the National Space Council

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Federation of Independent Business…

Earlier today President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).  READ MORE HERE

President Trumps Post Summit Press Conference

Warning:  This is a long (2 hour) video
Program starts at 34 minute mark with NOK and US Videos;
President's Remarks at the 45 minute mark 

A Fractured Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, the FBI said some thugs planned to rob a bank in town. Thugs are always looking to rob banks. They try all the time. But at this particular time, the FBI was hyper-focused on potential bank robberies in this particular town.

The best way to prevent the robbery - which is the goal, after all - would be for the FBI to alert all the banks in town. "Be on high alert for suspicious activity," the FBI could tell the banks. "Report anything suspicious to us. We don't want you to get robbed."

Instead, in this fractured fairytale, the FBI followed an oddly less effective, more time-consuming, costlier approach. It focused on just one bank. And, strangely, it picked the bank that was least likely to be robbed because nobody thought it would ever get elected president - excuse me, I mean, because it had almost no cash on hand. (Why would robbers want to rob the bank with no cash?)


Your President, Donald J. Trump, Remarks and Press Conference Following G7 Meetings in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada ... best press conference by any president since Ronald Reagan! 

Makes you proud to be an American again!

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